Berry Cinema moves into Start Design studio at Tea Building Shoreditch

Berry Cinema is a creative film production company, pushing the boundaries in commercial & branded content, with award-winning films and commercials, visual design and sound. With their heavy focus on visual effects, motion graphics and action, they are already producing some serious noise within the digital industry.

Co-founder, Ryan Burnham, says: “Working at the Tea Building with the Start Design and Truant crew is a huge breath of fresh, Shoreditch, air. This refreshing collaboration between our teams pushes our ambitions to the next level. Start Design, Truant and Berry Cinema represent a lovely combination of creative minds that really complement each other, bringing out the best of our individual skills and talents.”

Well said, Ryan…

At Start Design, we are thrilled to be a part of their creative journey and success. Certainly, we’re truly excited by the potential for collaboration with such a visionary and energetic bunch of talented people. We believe the more fresh talented people we can locate together the greater the potential to do more innovative and imaginative work.

Don’t forget to check out their films from the links below. And if you have 5 minutes to spare and are missing the summer sunshine, here’s one of our favourite films to look out for on their website, well who doesn’t love the Amalfi Coast and authentic Limoncello?

Lemons bigger than my head | Making Limoncello on Amalfi Coast

We were also quite taken with all the possibilities that are presented by the ‘The Road to Autonomous Overtaking’…


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