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In a world of change, change is the only constant.

From making the complex simple, the detached connected, the intangible tangible, the most trusted the most loved, Start Group companies are united by an understanding that today’s digitally connected customers benefit from relevant and differentiating strategies from their brands of choice.

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Setting the pace with Hometown

Founded in 2012, Hometown is a creative agency designed to help brands succeed in a world of change. Built upon lean principles, Hometown delivers high-impact strategic and creative solutions at-pace, helping clients navigate and capitalise on the changing cultural landscape around them. Hometown focus on the entire customer experience, helping brands make sense of where their priorities should be, and work together to craft creative solutions that stand out and work hard.

Our core disciplines include strategy, advertising, research, and digital innovation, and our global resource capability enables us to tackle the trickiest and biggest challenges that businesses face.


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Future retail is Connected Retail

Connected Retail is a company specialising in designing, building and installing digital experience solutions for retail. The Connected Retail Platform is customisable enterprise software managing digital tools and in-store devices through a cloud-based command centre.

With Connected Retail, brands and retailers can deploy the entire range of advanced interactive digital experiences in physical spaces and in-store, anywhere in the world in a matter of weeks. Connected Retail supports mobile and tablet devices as well as in-store interactive terminals.

Connected Retail supports core retail functionality such as endless aisle, digital basket, tailored localised content delivery on a per-store and per-device basis. Connected Retail is a single platform managing all retail requirements for for in-store digital experience, service and commerce tools.


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Inspiring creativity at Breed London

Breed London is a boutique agency based in London & New York, that represents a diverse mix of leading creative talent.

Founded by Olivia Triggs in 2007, Breed only represents a highly selective and high-impact coterie of leading creative talents. The agency manages the work of 15 exciting artists, illustrators and photographers, each of whom has their own distinct style and unique perspective.

Breed prides itself not only on the vision and variety of its artists, but also on the lasting role it plays in nurturing their talent, supporting their creative goals and creating opportunities to extend the scope of their practice.

With a refreshingly straightforward, hands-on approach, a culturally aware outlook and a spirited attitude, Breed London is the UK’s go-to agency for original art, photography and illustration.

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