How to avoid the generational iceberg

Are you ready for the massive societal shift on the horizon? As Boomers, Gen X, Millennials and Zeds all tip into their next life stage, is your business fully prepared? Honestly?

Because this challenge, this generational iceberg, is far, far bigger than you’d think. And, if you’re not asking yourselves these five questions, you could be sailing into troubled waters.

1. How does this tipping point affect your business and brand?

If your product or service is very ‘life-stage relevant’, how can you make it meet the needs and desires of the ‘incoming’ generation?

2. How are you preparing, right across your business?

Does everyone appreciate the change that is coming, and see it as their responsibility?

3. What technology is keeping you awake at night?

The fear of being rendered obsolete by the next Netflix is a valid one. Are you not only technologically prepared for what’s next, but leading the charge?

4. Has your organisation’s culture shifted to respond to the challenge?

Are your colleagues so consumed with the day-to-day that it’s hard for them to care about what’s round the corner? How can you make innovation a core cultural value at your company?

5. Who’s good at adapting to generational shift, and what can you learn from them?

We can all name the recent casualties who became extinct because they failed to evolve. Think of your sector, and also world business leaders. Who has really embraced the future and is already reaping the benefits?

Even if you think you know each demographic like the back of your hand, their visible behaviours are only a small part of the story. The pressures that form them are complex and run deep. Built by the cross-currents of politics, socio-economics, tech and culture – and coloured by each generation’s tendency to reject all the previous one holds dear.

At Start Design, we address business challenges without presupposing solutions. We explore the full context of the business, the brand strategy and experience – plus all the stresses and obstacles that lie beneath the surface – before we help them plot a course that encompasses both shorter-term pragmatism and longer-term ambition. Helping clients build agile, adaptive cultures. Where change happens constantly.

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Dave Blendis Head of Strategy, London