A distinctive brand for the world’s best low-cost airline

Air Asia
Brand Consultancy

AirAsia, founded and led by Tony Fernandes, sees itself as a people company that happens to be in an airline business, its vision to democratise air travel in the region. This human approach has seen it named the world’s best low cost carrier for nine consecutive years, up to 2017. Start’s collaboration with the AirAsia family resulted in the design of its familiar hand-written identity, across many applications, all articulating the positioning line: Now Everyone Can Fly.

A commitment to
simplicity and consistency

Tony Fernandes’ bold, long term vision for AirAsia is to stay single-minded and keep things simple. This commitment is manifest in the name and design of the AirAsia identity, with Tony’s passion reflected in the brand’s colour – red – and its positive handwritten logotype. Over several years, he and his team have consciously and consistently built the brand name and logo to be both distinctive and internationally recognised.

“Why did I go with Start? Because I recognized people who shared something that I value highly – a passion for their work”

Tony Fernandes
Group CEO, Air Asia