The all action brand with extra rush

X Dubai
Brand Consultancy

Start teamed up with SkyDive Dubai to create a new brand, to bring thrill seekers and adventurers together with action sports, to encourage more active lifestyles. Dubai’s a city that prides itself in doing more than what’s expected – and its sporting culture isn’t any different. Drawing on the energy of the world of action sports and collaborating with local and international sporting brands, X Dubai aims to make Dubai the adrenaline-fueled capital of the world.

X marks
the spot

The new X Dubai identity incorporates the word ‘Dubai’ in Arabic into a distinctive and disruptive yellow ‘X’ brandmark. Punchy typography and bold colours create a vibrant visual language which reinforces the brand’s positioning: Defy Your Limits. The brand is applied in unconventional and memorable ways, reinforcing its unique attitude.

“We wanted something exciting, bold and contemporary, that would help us make a huge mark on the world of action sports. Start helped us push the boundaries, and have created something that really captures what we’re all about.” 

Javad Khoramifar
Marketing Director, X Dubai