The road to truly intelligent content

Financial Services

How can digital technology bring in new customers from the high street, improve the in-branch experience and support national and local business objectives? In short, by giving the right content to the right people, at the right time.

We helped Barclays create a strategy to move to truly smart content delivery at their flagship Liverpool site. Knowing it would be a step-change, we devised a phased approach, and incorporated Quividi – a platform that reads images to create an intelligent demographic picture of who’s in branch. Ultimately, combined with other data sources, Quividi will allow comms to be optimised to specific viewers, at any given time.

The right content, to the right people,
at the right time.

An integrated marketing and comms calendar and content plan framework was created, considering central and local business objectives, balancing the range and product content. In addition to pushing out centrally-controlled messaging, we made sure templates could be pulled down to produce branch-relevant comms, like local events and seminars.

We worked with third party digital media service provider, AVMI, to consider optimal screen configurations and the freque2ncy of content transitioning. With a twelve-week turnaround and multiple stakeholders, we all worked tightly as part of a pan-Barclays team, so the final solution met the high design standards for the Barclays real estate.

Positive results have been myriad. The six-week lead time for print-based comms has been slashed. One locally-tailored digital message costs a mere fifth of what a national poster would. In research, customers say the screens suggest a forward-facing bank. The digital merchandising is generally liked, with other information, like train times and the Twitter-feed, particularly popular. Quividi has analysed millions of faces since installation, showing over 40% of customers were attracted to the screen content, with 10% stopping to view content for longer. Feedback has also highlighted exciting opportunities for ongoing improvements.