A retail vision for Intel

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Many of today’s successful FMCG brands are realising that investing in a direct-to-consumer retail strategy gives them vital control of the customer experience and selling environment. We worked with Intel, the world’s leading chip manufacturer, to create a retail strategy and omnichannel environment that would make buying a computer easier – something many currently find confusing or dull. Our task was to demonstrate the benefits of having its own future-facing shopping experience for the entire computing category.

‘What Next’ as a
multichannel experience

A computer purchase is often a daunting prospect for consumers – faced with technology and features they don’t understand and aren’t sure they need. Our solution motivates and reassures, by recognising shoppers throughout the experience and guiding them through a shortlist of recommendations, based on their needs. We created a prototype facility to test the technology, and showcased it to Intel and its retail network.

Research showed that the streamlined and simplified customer experience helped consumers feel in control, more valued and better understood. Upsell and intent to purchase also increased dramatically – with those planning to spend more than €1000 increasing from 14% to 30%. Moving Intel into immersive direct retailing doubled their customers’ willingness to spend within just one month of launch.