Delivering a retail experience worthy of the best

Retail / Digital
Consumer goods

When you’re choosing a premium product, you expect a premium experience. Especially if you’re buying from a world-leading innovator like Dyson. The brand came to us for a digitally-enhanced retail experience that would amplify its reputation for excellence and inventiveness. Working with the executive retail teams, we mapped the customer journeys exhaustively, creating an intuitive framework on which to base our designs, that then informed us as we constructed a full-scale, multi-touchpoint retail architecture. Across the retail strategy, brand development, environment design, communications, mobile and touchscreen design, we tied the entire experience together to create seamless and personalised shopper journeys.

A study
in smart future-retail

Using digital screen and connected technology, we turned each customer interaction into a memorable, commercially effective brand experience. Today, Dyson is a study in smart future-retail practice – perfectly flexing between retail, exhibition, demonstration and performance. Customers who know what they want can find and buy quickly, while those who are more open to discovery can explore products and learn about the engineering behind them. A shopping experience that’s more than just a pleasure – it’s a revelation.