Decisions made easier

Consumer goods

Samsung makes a perfect tablet for every customer – but the vast array of choice can be overwhelming. How could they offer a product recommendation experience comparable to consulting a real person? That was the challenge. The solution was the Samsung Tablet Selector.

Smart recommendation engine.
Informed purchase decision.

We started the process by identifying the role of each device, then breaking this down to key functions. The interface was built around a series of questions that determine what purpose the customer needs to serve. This dialogical approach gives a clear choice rationale, based on individual interests and habits.

The resulting design, the Product Selector, is an intelligent, conversation-driven recommendation engine that mimics what happens between customer and sales assistant. Prompting shoppers to identify their priorities and guiding them through an informed decision-making process. It can also be easily updated with new content and local offers for global deployment, ensuring that every shopper, anywhere in the world, is only ever presented with the latest and most relevant products.