A digital portfolio for University of Westminster

University of Westminster
Digital Transformation

Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design is a dynamic international institution, teaching more than 20,000 students from 165 different nations. Each year these talented young people create portfolios of amazing, unique artworks that deserve to be celebrated, shared and archived. Our brief was to create a platform that actively encourages students to upload and publish their work. But this had to go way beyond a simple website redesign. The school needed digital transformation – a vibrant channel for friends, peers, colleagues and guests to explore and discover creativity from every faculty of media, arts and design.

Intuitive, logical and celebratory

Employing the latest principles of UX and UI design, we built Folio. First and foremost, Folio is a visually stimulating experience that encourages contribution and celebration, using digital tools to make exploration intuitive and rewarding. It does so much more than simply enable cataloguing and archiving. It actively celebrates the talent of the students and the quality and passion of the teaching.