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Oxfam’s mission is to empower individuals, communities and organisations to build a future free from the injustice of poverty. To help create this positive future now, Oxfam set a target of raising an additional £13 million in income by 2022. Start’s brief was to create a more engaging, distinctive and commercial retail experience that would embody Oxfam’s work and inspire more people to shop, donate and volunteer – and drive sales upwards.

Clear evidence of what Oxfam does
and the brilliant way it does it.

We developed a retail proposition that focuses on ‘connection’ and ‘empowerment’ and brought it to life with a store design that’s flexible, scalable, easy to shop and manage. It’s also educational, with engaging messaging at every touchpoint connecting the shopper to the impact they can make by shopping, donating or volunteering. This is reinforced through the use of actual materials used in Oxfam’s work, such as packing crates and tarpaulin. Messaging throughout is human, motivating and unique to Oxfam.

"The new Oxfam shop connects customers, donors and volunteers to the work Oxfam does in 92 countries to alleviate poverty and suffering. Start invested time and energy in understanding Oxfam's mission and people at the heart of its activities when creating this contemporary, sustainable and flexible design. The innovative approach taken by Start resulted in a unique design that solves operational challenges, adds real value to the shopping experience and enhances Oxfam's ability to attract new supporters and grow vital income streams."

Sara Farquhar
Head of Retail Brand, Oxfam