Delivering growth through category innovation

Proctor & Gamble
Consumer goods

P&G is a leader in many everyday household and personal care categories across the globe. Start’s work with the company has focussed on helping it grow key categories by rethinking
its retail experiences and creating solutions that are a win-win for retailers and brands alike. First and foremost, this looks at how changing consumer needs and purchase behaviours create new opportunities for growth through format evolution and new in-store experiences.

From selling products
to delivering experiences

Start has supported P&G across skincare, haircare and parenting to design experiences that inspire conversion, boost sales and build market share. We created an innovative, single brand skincare experience that leverages the power of digital and data to understand consumers’ beauty regimes and build meaningful relationships as a result.

A new stand alone and shop-in-shop experience for China exploits growth in the mums and babies market and a burgeoning ‘self-obsessed’ generation of consumers. We’ve also delivered a global hair care solution that helps people find the right P&G product in an often confusing, multi-brand category.