Winning by better customer experience in retail

Retail Design

As the leading telecoms company in the UAE, Etisalat provides services that let people live a connected life. Its mission is to do this better than anyone else. But walk into one of its stores in 2014 and queueing was the predominant experience. Recognising the important role stores play in customer experience, Etisalat wanted this to change. Start helped them reimagine retail with a responsive, streamlined experience that both meets the needs of their business and connects with their consumers.

Etisalat customer service

The store presents a series of customer-focused, engaging experiences – in a modern, digitally enabled, sociable environment that’s operationally smart to the smallest level of detail. Service is much more efficient and educates customers in self-help and on-the-spot problem resolution. Sales data, customer satisfaction ratings and waiting time monitoring all prove that the new design is better connecting customers with Etisalat products and services. Crucially, it has lifted sales of higher value products and services – prompting the concept’s roll-out across the entire UAE Etisalat retail estate.

“We knew if we re-examined our stores we could improve the quality of our customer experience. We had a substantial challenge but also an exciting opportunity to increase footfall, basket-size and dwell time. We are extremely happy with the customer experience and sales results the new store has helped to create. The way it has captured the imagination of the entire business is amazing and the effect has been contagious. Its performance has set a new benchmark for the kind of service levels, customer engagement and experience we are delivering across all channels and customer supporting functions.”

Phillip McKinnon
Vice President, Retail Development, Etisalat
Increase in media bundle sales
Decrease in average wait time
Increase in purchase of high-end products